Scarf with 100% twill silk fabric.

Our patterns are hand drawn and digitally printed. Edges of the scarf are hand-rolled by local women.

Designed by designer Işıl Kurt, this scarf is produced in a 100% ethical environment and supports domestic production.

Taking care of your Silk:

  • Please gently dry clean when required.
  • Fabric may get damaged by substances containing alcohol as well as the coloring. We’d appreciate if you may avoid spraying perfume, hairspray and similar on.
  • Please try to avoid rain or water drops on your silk and drying in direct sunlight. This may ruin the coloring of the fabric.


Rerooted Nature

Nature has become the great unifier and healer in a period of upheaval.

Rerooted nature is an affirmation of the things that connect us -nature, heritage, craft and community- and an examination of how they can guide us through a time when we are all being re-rooted on to new paths.

Here, brown-toned neutrals and warm mid-tones speak of respect for the earth and the need to feel balanced and grounded.

Be a part of Laika’a nature oriented story..



Prices include world-wide free shipping; however any possible customs duties at the arrival country are on behalf of the buyer.